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A global professional network for program directors, L&D managers, community organizers, civil servants and CSR professionals that run high-impact programs.

We bring together program professionals from around the world to discuss, practice and master the art of creating, leading and managing high-impact programs. ย 

We will help you:

  • Increase the impact and efficacy of the programs you run.
  • Enhance your careerย by increasing your knowledge, skills and global professional network.
  • Advance your organization's objectives by supporting you in making more strategic and mission-driven decisions for the programs you develop, manage and support.

Our goal is to make the world ๐ŸŒ a better place through programs...

Programs have the power to change lives, address major societal challenges and create opportunities within the communities they serve. In order to do this, program professionals must constantly toggle between focusing on big-picture mission-driven thinking and tackling the day-to-day operations that make programs work. ย 

In these times of tectonic, global transformation, we come together to learn from one another and seek more innovative, sustainable and responsive ways of creating and leading programs.

Our Members

Our members work across 19 different time zones on programs that address a host of societal needs, yet we all share two things in common.ย 

  1. We share a passion for creating, leading, supporting and managing high-impact programs.ย 

  2. We all have a deep curiosity to connect with other program professionals globally to exchange ideas, research, successes, challenges, practical and tactical strategies and stories of impact.

Membership Includes

  • Access to 36 live sessions/year featuring experts, community case studies and networking. Many sessions are recorded for future viewing.

  • Access to our private network where you can connect personally with other program directors, L&D managers, community organizers, civil servants and CSR professionals who create, lead, support and manage high-impact programs.ย 

  • Access to our online discussion forums where we talk about things like making and measuring program impact, program digitization, diversity and inclusion, creating amazing program content, job opportunities and more.

  • Opportunities to highlight and showcase your program and work via featured community case studies, interviews and more.

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interstory is powered byย Bon Education

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